Biomass Combustion and Co-firing

International Workshop: Future perspectives of bioenergy development in Asia, 5-7 Sept 2018

Source Task 32, Task 40, ExCo
Date 5th Sep, 2018 - 7th Sep, 2018
Location Tokyo, Japan
Contact Jaap Koppejan
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Many East and South East Asian countries see rapid development in the use of both liquid and solid biomass for modern bioenergy. Apart from using domestic biomass, Japan and South Korea have started to import large volumes of wood pellets for co-firing with coal from countries in the Pacific Rim such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Western Canada. In Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and several other Asian countries, the trade and use of liquid biofuels in transport and the modern use of solid agro-residues for combustion and anaerobic digestion is increasing rapidly, facilitated by conducive support frameworks.

From 5-7 Sept 2018, IEA Bioenergy organises a workshop in cooperation with NEDO / METI with support from REI and UNU/IAS in Japan on potential technical and organizational improvements to biomass supply chains, including pre-treatment technologies, bio-refineries, logistics/trade, final conversion/end-use and overarching topics such as sustainability assurance frameworks and policy support options. This workshop on the one hand provides such technical information to Asian member countries, but also information on the activities of IEA Bioenergy to support the decision making process for membership. The target group for the workshop therefore consists of industrial stakeholders as well as policy makers, academics and local biomass associations.

The workshop agenda is available below. All seats are taken and the registration is closed.

IEA Bioenergy workshop agenda and practical information