Biomass Combustion

Prof. Dr. Thomas Nussbaumer, Verenum, Zürich, Switzerland

Prof Dr. Thomas Nussbaumer, 1960, has a diploma in process engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich since 1984 and a doctor in technical sciences on pollutant formation from biomass combustion since 1989. Since 1990, he is a lecturer at ETH for energy technologies and for energy from biomass with a venia legendi (PD) for thermo-chemical processes for biomass utilization.

His main topics are pollutant formation and emission reduction in combustion with special focus on NOX and particulate matter (PM 10). He is responsible for developments on primary measures for NOreduction (air staging, fuel staging) and particle reduction (low-particle concept). Both technologies have been implemented in automatic biomass combustion plants in practice. Additional R&D topics are polychlorinated dioxins and furnans (PCDD/F), advanced process control systems, combustion modeling with computational fluid dynamics (CFD), flue gas cleaning (precipitation and condensation), and combined heat and power production (CHP). Ongoing research is performed on health effects of combustion particles with focus on a comparison of wood particles with diesel soot.

Thomas Nussbaumer is organizer of a symposium on wood energy (Holzenergie-Symposium) which is held since 1990 at ETH in Zürich and member of the scientific committees of the two international conferences on biomass utilization. Since 1991, he is the representative in the IEA Bioenergy task 32 for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

Further, he is vice-president of the association Wood Energy Switzerland (Holzenergie Schweiz), which promotes the utilization of wood energy. He is author and co-author of more than 200 publications, editor of conference proceedings and of handbooks on the planning of automatic biomass combustion plants.

Prof Dr. Thomas Nussbaumer
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CH – 8006 Zürich, Switzerland
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