Task 32 Workshop: Residential wood combustion

Source IEA Bioenergy Task 32
23 Jan, 2020
Location: Graz, Austria
Contact: Christoph Schmidl
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This workshop organized by IEA Bioenergy Task 32 covered highly relevant topics for residential wood combustion: direct-heating and central-heating technologies as well as operational performance and certification methods for high quality products. Additionally, the invited experts highlighted recent developments and future perspectives of advanced control concepts and secondary emission abatement technologies.

The workshop was held on January 23 as part of the 6th Central European Biomass Conference (CEBC) in Graz, Austria. You can find the workshop program here Residential_wood combustion_Programm

For more information and a description of the conference go to the CEBC website.

The workshop report can be found here.

The first part of the workshop focused on local space heaters (stoves). Guidelines for the optimal design of efficient and clean stoves were discussed as well as the factors influencing the behaviour of users. As a special highlight at the end of the first part, the new Blue Angel (D) quality label for stoves was presented to the public for the first time. This certification programme does not rely on existing standards as before, but prescribes its own test procedure with particularly high practical relevance.

In the second workshop part, current developments in the field of domestic biomass boilers were presented. In addition to technical combustion concepts for greater fuel flexibility, work on additives for biomass combustion systems was also presented.

Reduction of emissions by secondary measures and the experiences with the use of separators in domestic boilers in practice were the contents of the presentation by a representative of a Swiss company, which has been developing and marketing electrostatic separators for small combustion systems for many years.

Finally, another Austrian contribution summarized the advantages of completely new control concepts for small-scale furnaces.


The slides from the presentations are available for download below

Thomas Nussbaumer: Introduction to biomass combustion and pollutant reduction in wood stoves
Morten Gottlieb Jespersen: Technical guidelines for design of low emission stoves
Robert Mack: Influence of user behavior on emissions from firewood stoves
Ingo Hartmann: Blue Angel Stoves
Elisabeth Wopienka: GrateAdvance
Hans Hartmann: Fuel improvements using kaolin
Daniel Jud: Oekosolve
Markus Gölles: Advanced control concepts for biomass-based residential heating