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Within the IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme, Task 32 Biomass Combustion works on further expansion of the use of biomass combustion for heat and power generation. Task 32 puts special emphasis on small scale heating units and medium to large scale CHP plants as well as co-firing biomass with coal in traditional coal-fired boilers. This is done by generating and disseminating information on technical and on non-technical barriers and anticipated solutions.







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With the inauguration in 2020 of the wood chip fuelled Unit 4 at the Amager plant, coal combustion for heat and power in Copenhagen is now history.


Webinar: Residential Wood Combustion – Towards Low Emission Systems
Thu 6th May, 2021
Workshop: 9th IEA-CCC Workshop on cofiring biomass with coal
Kokura, Japan
Tue 25th Feb, 2020
Workshop: Flexible bioenergy and system integration
Graz, Austria
Fri 24th Jan, 2020

Webinar: “Residential Wood Combustion – Towards Low Emission Systems”.
May 26, 2021
The 6th Central European Biomass Conference
February 28, 2020
Report on health aspects of biomass combustion particles
July 18, 2017
Updated report on techno-economics of biomass CHP
March 2, 2016

The future role of Thermal Biomass Power in renewable energy systems – a study of Germany
March 14, 2019
Best practise report on decentralized biomass fired CHP plants and status of biomass fired small- and micro scale CHP technologies
March 4, 2019
Bioenergy for heat – the Hot Cases
March 4, 2019

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