Dr. Øyvind Skreiberg, Trondheim, Norway

Dr. Øyvind Skreiberg, 1966, reached his diploma as a mechanical engineer at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) in Trondheim in 1992, where he in 1997 finished a PhD thesis entitled “Theoretical and experimental studies on emissions from wood combustion”. He is now a Research Scientist at SINTEF Energy Research.

He has a broad background in heat engineering and thermochemical biomass conversion processes in general, with special emphasis on biomass combustion. Main research topics are emission formation and reduction in combustion (NOx, N2O, CO, CxHy and particles) and fundamentals of thermochemical biomass conversion technologies. This includes both experimental work, from single wood particles to wood logs, and modelling work (empirical, chemical kinetics, CFD). He has been the Norwegian member of the IEA Bioenergy task 32 since 1998, representing the Norwegian University of Science and Technology until 2007, and now SINTEF Energy Research.

Øyvind Skreiberg
SINTEF Energy Research
Sem Sælands vei 11
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NO 7465 Trondheim
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