Fuelsim Average V1.2

Fuelsim – Average is a relatively simple, but useful, mass, volume and energy balance spreadsheet written in MS-EXCEL for continuous combustion processes, but can also be used for other thermal conversion processes where solid fuel is converted to a fuel gas mixture of O2, CO, NO, NO2, UHC (unburned hydrocarbons), SO2, N2O, H2, NH3, HCN, Tar, CO2, N2, Ar and H2O. The fuel can either be a solid fuel or a fuel gas, and the oxidant can either be ISO 2533 Standard air, with a user defined relative humidity, or any gas mixture of O2, N2, CO2, Ar and H2O.

Fuelsim – Average calculates emissions in various denominations based on the user input. However, also a separate emission conversion section is included, where emission values in various denominations can be inserted and converted between the various denominations. The corresponding emission levels in volume fractions can be inserted into the Fuelsim – Average main calculations and additional useful information are then calculated.

Version 1.2 is the latest update, see the revision history included in the spreadsheet for further details.

Fuelsim-Average has been produced by Øyvind Skreiberg

Average downloads
Full version including manual
 FUELSIM-Average_v1.2 2,33 Mb
user manual in PDF format Average-Report-v1.1.pdf 1,55 Mb