Mr. Kanchana Marasinghe


Kanchana Marasinghe serves as the Portfolio Manager at the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA), New Zealand with a wealth of over 20 years of experience in the energy sector. Since joining EECA in May 2018, Kanchana has been instrumental in collaborating with some of New Zealand’s major energy users. His focus has been on formulating and supporting the implementation of decarbonisation pathways, leading to substantial emission reductions.

Noteworthy among his initiatives is the leadership of the Regional Energy Transition Accelerator (RETA) program, which encompasses the conceptualisation, development, and implementation. RETA specifically targets the exploration of localised opportunities and the identification of barriers faced by industries in their pursuit of emission reductions. A pivotal aspect of the program is its emphasis on identifying regional biomass availability and optimising the use of diverse biomass categories for industrial combustion. Programme extends to addressing biomass combustion air quality requirements specific to different regions and users.

Prior to his role at EECA, Kanchana held the position of Energy Efficiency Champion at Fonterra Group, Southern Operation and Project Manager – Outer Island Electrification Projects in the Maldives.

Kanchana’s academic qualifications include a Master’s degree in Energy and Project Management, complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, he holds certifications as a CEM (Certified Energy Manager) and a CMVP (Certified Measurement & Verification Professional) from the Association of Energy Engineers in the United States.

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