Biomass Combustion

Dr. Anders Hjörnhede, Research Institutes of Sweden, Sweden

Anders Hjörnhede is currently employed at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden. RISE is a poly-technical institute with a special focus on energy research.

Anders has over 20 years of experience from several aspects of combustion, from fuel-handling of mainly biomass, but also waste and coal, via optimisation of the combustion process to emission abatement and waste treatment. The work covers a wide range of boilers, from stoves to large fluidised beds. Current research focus is on boilers in the future energy system.

Anders has been the head of the group named “Combined Heat & Power and Gasification” as well as the assisting head of section “Combustion and Aerosol Technology” and therefore leading the research in these areas at RISE/SP.

Anders Hjörnhede has previously been project manager at Vattenfall Power Consultants.

Anders Hjörnhede
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
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