Workshop on Production and Utilisation Options for Solid Recovered Fuels

Source IEA Bioenergy Tasks 32, 33, 36 and ERFO
17 May, 2018 - 17 May, 2018
Location: EUBCE, Copenhagen
Contact: Jaap Koppejan
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About this workshop
In the circular economy, the production and utilisation of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is increasingly recognised as an important element in waste management practises. SRF is produced from non-hazardous waste from biological and fossil origins and can therefore be regarded as a partly renewable fuel. It usually has undergone a sorting process and therefore delivers a fuel that meets strict quality requirements. Narrow specifications of the fuel allow for more targeted end user applications, thereby benefitting the economic and environmental performance.

Recently there have been several new experiences in the production and use of SRF. This workshop provided an update in the potential market volumes of SRF, policy developments and experiences of market actors involved. The presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the agenda items below:

Chairpersons: Jaap Koppejan (IEA Bioenergy Task 32) and Geert Cuperus (ERFO)

Location: European Biomass Conference, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark


Role and markets for SRF, Geert Cuperus, ERFO

Is there an added value in SRF compared to integral waste processing?, Bettina Kamuk, Ramboll

Standardisation of SRF (ISO TC 300), Mikko Talola, Chair, ISO TC 300

Legislative status and the economy balance of SRF utilisation plants, Mathilde Le Bihan, RDC environnement

Pretreatment study on gasification from IEA BIoenergy Task 36, Dieter Stapf, Giovanni Ciceri

Production of high quality SRF and the RECOMBIO project, Hans-Joachim Gehrmann, KIT

SRF, key for a sustainable cement industry, Jan Theulen, Heidelberg Cement

Feasibility of SRF based liquids as oil refinery feedstock, Outi Teras, NESTE

Combustion of waste derived fuels in a large CFB boiler, Peter Karlsson, Mälarenergi

SRF gasification using the Milena-Olga technology, Jan Willem Könemann, Dahlman renewable Technology BV

Waste gasification – beyond two-stage incineration, Lars Waldheim

Panel discussion