WPAC conference

Source Task 32 and Wood Pellets Association of Canada
18 Sep, 2017 - 22 Sep, 2017
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Contact: Jaap Koppejan
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Task 32 provided input to the Wood Pellet Association in the organisation of the annual WPA Conference 2017, held 19-20 Sept 2017 in Ottawa, Canada.
This conference provided an overview of new developments in the area of wood pellet production and utilsiation in both the domestic and industrial heat sectors and the utility scale power sector.

Presentations from the conference are available here:

William Strauss, FutureMetrics – How wood pellets can be part of Canada’s decarbonization strategy

Sandy Fleming, Capital Power – Economic and policy conditions to incent Canadian biomass conversions

Fioana Matthews, Hawkins Right – The global outlook for wood pellet markets

Hugues Imbeault-Tétreault, CIRAIG, GHG accounting frameworks for the analysis of the climate mitigation potential from wood biomass in Canada

Carsten Hulus, SBP, Demonstrating sustainability through certification

Preben Messerschmidt, Ramboll, Conversion from coal to wood pellets

Yves Ryckmans, Tractebel, Experience with biomass firing for large scale power

Rob Mager, Ontario Power Generation, OPG’s biomass journey

Jamie Stephen, Torchlight Bioresources, Biomass Power Generation Support – Policy Options for Canada and its Provinces

Butt Phillips, WorkSafeBC, WorksafeBC – A different approach to compliance

Scott Bax, Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc., A paradigm shift in safety – Pinnacle’s owning safety journey

John Ackerly, Alliance for Green Heat, Heating North American homes with wood pellets

Seth Walker, FutureMetrics, Review of North American pellet heating markets

Post conference field trip. Picture showing Thunder Bay power station mills.