Best practise report on decentralized biomass fired CHP plants and status of biomass fired small- and micro scale CHP technologies

Mar 2019
Biomass combustion based CHP

In this report the most relevant technologies, as they are steam engines, ORC applications, Stirling engines and thermoelectric generators, the most important technical parameters together with operational results and experiences as well as boundary conditions for application are described and presented in fact sheets. Technology developments in the last 10 years are summarized and further R&D needs are specified. For each technology also selected monitoring data is presented and discussed. Best practise reports on small-scale CHP plants including 5 case studies with twin-screw steam-expander technology, as well as further 3 case studies with micro-expander technology are presented. Possible optimization measures and recommendations for further applications have been derived. In the outlook section, recent experiences with hot air turbines as a possible relevant small-scale CHP technololgy in the near future are described and a contribution on the optimization of combutions plants with the focus on small-scale CHPs has been included.

Best practise report on decentralised biomass fired CHP plants and the status of biomass fired small- and micro scale CHP technologies, Reinhard Padinger, Stefan Aigenbauer, Christoph Schmidl