Selection of documents

Below is a selection of the documents produced by Task 32 and its predecessor, Task 19:


Methodological work
The future role of thermal biomass power in renewable energy systems – a study of Germany (Morten Tony Hansen, Lars Pauli Bornak, Alberto Dalla Riva, Hans Henrik Lindboe) 2018
Advanced test methods for firewood stoves, (Gabriel Reichert, Christoph Schmidl, 2018) 2018
Status of PM emission measurement methods and new developments, (Hans Hartmann, Claudia Schön, 2018) 2018
Advanced Characterisation Methods for Solid Biomass Fuels, (Ingwald Obernberger, Thomas Brunner, 2015) 2015 1.6 MB
Sensitivity of System Design on Heat Distribution Cost in District Heating (Thomas Nussbaumer, Stefan Thalmann, 2014) 2014 2.8 MB
Status Report on District Heating Systems in IEA Bioenergy Member Countries (Thomas Nussbaumer, Stefan Thalmann, 2014) 2014 3.9 MB
Evaluation of Biomass Combustion based Energy Systems by Cumulative Energy Demand and Energy Yield Coefficient (Thomas Nussbaumer, Michael Oser, 2004) 2004 1.6 MB
Determination of the Efficiencies of Automatic Biomass Combustion Plants 2006 2.3 MB
Statements from IEA Bioenergy Task 32
Aerosols from biomass combustion
Statement on opportunities for biomass cofiring
Health and safety
Health and safety aspects of solid biomass storage, transporation
and feeding, produced by Task 32, 36, 37 and 40, 2013
2013 8,3 MB
Status overview of torrefaction technologies – update 2015, Jaap Koppejan, Marcel Cremers, Shahab Sokhansanj, Staffan Melin, Sebnem Madrali 2015 2 MB
Status overview of torrefaction technologies, Jaap Koppejan, Shahab Sokhansanj, Staffan Melin, Sebnem Madrali 2012 2 MB
Biomass combustion based CHP
Best practise report on decentralized biomass fired CHP plants and status of biomass fired small- and micro-scale CHP technologies, Reinhard Padinger, Stefan Aigenbauer, Christoph Schmidl 2019
Techno-economic evaluation of selected decentralised CHP applications based on biomass combustion with steam turbine and ORC processes
(Prof Dr. Ingwald Obernberger, Dipl-Ing Alfred Hammerschmid, Dipl-Ing. Michaela Forstinger, December 2015)
2015 2 MB
Basic information regarding decentralised CHP plants based on biomass combustion in IEA partner countries. (Prof Dr. Ingwald Obernberger, Dipl-Ing Gerold Thek, March 2004) 2004 423 kB
Techno-Economic evaluation of selected decentralised CHP plants based on biomass combustion in IEA partner countries. (Prof Dr. Ingwald Obernberger, Dipl-Ing Gerold Thek, March 2004) 2004 1.27 MB
Addressing the constraints for successful replication of demonstrated technologies for co-combustion of biomass/waste, report of the final seminar, 2000 2000 3.9 Mb
Biomass Cofiring, Workshop 5 of the 12th European Conference on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection, Amsterdam,
June 2002.
2002 13. MB
Biomass-coal Co-combustion: Opportunity for Affordable Renewable Energy. Published in EuroHeat & Power 1/2004 (Larry Baxter, Jaap Koppejan, Jan 2004)
2004 600 kB
Biomass Impacts on SCR Catalyst Performance 2005 2.9 MB
Update on the technical status of biomass cofiring, sept 2009 2009 0.5 MB
Review of models and tools for slagging and fouling prediction for biomass cocombustion (Stam, Livingston, Cremers, Brem), 2009) 2009 0.3 MB
Factsheet on indirect cofiring (Task 33), 2014) 2009 0.3 MB
The status of large scale biomass firing – the milling and combustion of biomass materials in large pulverised coal boilers
W.R. Livingston (Doosan Babcock), J. Middelkamp (DNV GL), W. Willeboer (Essent), S. Tosney (Drax), B. Sander (Dong), S. Madrali (NRCAN), M.T. Hansen (Force)  
2016 1.8 MB
Workshop on biomass combustion modelling in Sevilla, June 2000 2000 5.2 MB
FUELSIM model for the calculation of combustion conditions for a given fuel 2000 5.2 MB
Review of models and tools for slagging and fouling prediction for biomass co-combustion (A.F. Stam, W.R.L. Livingston, M.F.G. Cremers, G. Brem, 2009 2010 352 kB
Ash Utilization
Exploratory investigation into the possibilities of processing ash produced in the combustion of reject wood 1999 711 kB
Database on biomass fuel and ash composition 2000
Options for increased utilization of ash from biomass combustion and co-firing (KEMA, 2012) 2012 402 kB
Options for increased use of ash from biomass combustion and cofiring 2018 2 MB
Bioenergy for heat – the hot cases 2018
Handbook on biomass combustion and cofiring
Task 32 Brochure on biomass combustion and cofiring 2002 462 kB
Aerosol emissions
Aerosols from Biomass Combustion, Technical report on behalf of the IEA Bioenergy Task 32, Thomas Nussbaumer 2017 1.5 MB
Papers from the Task 32 seminar “Aerosol emissions from biomass combustion”, 27 June 2001
2001 2.45 MB
Inventory report on aerosols from small scale biomass combustion devices , Jan 2008 2008 1.8 MB
Survey on the present state of particle precipitation devices for residential biomass combustion with a nominal boiler capacity up to 50 kW in IEA Bioenergy Task 32 member countries  2011 3 MB