Bioenergy for heat – the Hot Cases

Mar 2019

Heat makes up about half of the global final energy usage, while electric power and transportation fuels together make up the other half of the end use. Fossil fuels are today the predominant source for heating (about 80%), However, in many countries there is enough sustainable biomass available to substitute all fossil fuels that are used for heating today. Switching from fossil fuel fired boilers to biomass fired boilers could decarbonise 40% of the global energy end use!

This Task 32 resulted in fifteen case studies that show real life examples of modern and sustainable heating as well as co-generation of green power through

biomass firing. The transition often goes hand in hand with improved local economy, since added value is derived from the utilisation of local residuals and waste fractions instead of purchasing fossil fuels. Furthermore, new job opportunities are created. It also secures supply of affordable heat resources, now and for generations to come. Biomass is therefore not only CO2 neutral and renewable, it can also strongly stimulate local socio-economic development.

Summary report of the cases 




A cascade of small wood chip boilers, Thomas Nussbaumer
BioSol made small scale gasifiers possible, Hans Hartmann, Emanuel Schlosser
Carbon dioxide tax decarbonated district heating, Kent Davidsson, Oskar Räftegård
Cooperation made the heating plant successful, Jaap Koppejan
Environmentally friendly fuels, Jens Dall Bentzen, Tony Morten Hansen
Developing advanced control strategies, Christopher Zemann, Markus Gölles
Forestry wood enables renewable district heating, Thomas Nussbaumer
Fossil free heating from a new biomass plant, Jan Depenau, Allan S. Pedersen, Morten Tony Hansen
Heating with the power from sun and earth, Franz Stubenböck
Modern pellet-fired biomass heating plant, Arne Michalski, Andreas Wintzer
Pellets move the dairy back to nature, Oskar Räftegård, Jonas Strandlund
Renewable kitchens and coffee systems, Thomas Nussbaumer
Rural biomass-fired district heating, Hans Hartmann


Straw fired district heating in Nexø, Jan Depenau, Allan S. Pedersen, Søren Nielsen, Thorkil F.B. Neergaard, Morten Tony Hansen
The bakery that runs on heat from biomass, Thomas Nussbaumer