Techno-economic evaluation of selected decentralised CHP applications based on biomass combustion with steam turbine and ORC processes

Dec 2015
Biomass combustion based CHP

CHPreport2015This report provides an evaluation of the techno-economic performance of three types of biomass combustion based CHP systems, varying from 130 kWe to 5,7 MWe.

The report describes three case studies that represent the most relevant small-scale CHP technologies based on biomass combustion relevant for the market at present. It points out the differences between the technologies available, their meaningful integration in heat supply systems based on real-life case studies and a technological as well as economic evaluation and comparison between the technologies.

The results provide valuable information about the necessary constraints for a meaningful application of these technologies and a good basis for future design, application and operation of such plants but also for meaningful further developments.

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