Workshop on CFD for design of industrial biomass combustion systems, Copenhagen, May 2013

IEA Bioenergy Task 32 workshop: 

CFD aided design and other design tools for
industrial biomass combustion plants

organised as side event of the

European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
Copenhagen, Denmark
Thursday 6 June 2013

CFD based design tools have significantly improved in the last decade and
are commonly applied for larger utility boiler installations. It can
lead to much better combustion quality and avoid the need of a ‘try and error’ approach for boiler design and reducing development expenses.
An expert workshop was held as
a side event of the EU Biomass Conference for equipment suppliers and researchers to share practical experiences and address the current opportunities and limitations of CFD based design
of industrial biomass combustion appliances.
The agenda with downloadable
presentations is provided below.
Time Title / speaker
from to
Session 1 Chairperson – Ingwald Obernberger
13:00 13:05 Welcome
Jaap Koppejan – IEA Bioenergy Task 32
13:05 13:15 Workshop content and objectives
Chairperson (Ingwald Obernberger)
13:15 13:30 Overview – CFD simulations of biomass combustion plants –
present applications
Kristian Andersen, Force Technology, Denmark
13:30 13:45 Overview – CFD simulation of biomass combustion plants – new
Robert Scharler, BE2020+/TUG/BIOS
13:45 14:10 Single particle modelling for implementation into CFD
Thunman, Chalmers University, Sweden
14:10 14:35 Coupled  CFD/DEM simulation of reacting solid biomass on grates
Wirtz, LEAT, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
14:35 15:00 3D CFD modelling of solid biomass combustion in grate furnaces
Ramin Mehrabian, BE2020+, Austria
15:00 15:25 Coffee break
Session 2 Chairperson – Robert Scharler
15:25 15:50 Moving Grate Combustion Optimisation with CFD And PIV
Thomas Nussbaumer, ETH Zürich, Verenum

technical paper
15:25 15:50 Modelling of SOx formation and subsequent sulphation for
Glarborg, DTU, Denmark
15:50 16:15 CFD simulation of NOx formation in fixed-bed biomass combustion
Claudia Benesch, BIOS/BE2020+/TUG, Austria
16:15 16:40 3D CFD Modeling of Biomass Co-Firing and Conversion to 100%
Biomass for pulverized fuel boilers including validation of NOx
and burnout predictions
Benedetto Risio, RECOM Services GmbH, Germany 
16:40 17:05 CFD Simulation for Biomass Co-Firing Development
and Application
Marcel Cremers – KEMA, Netherlands
17:05 17:30 CFD simulation of pulverized fuel combustion, gasification
ash deposition in entrained flow reactors
Halama, Kleinhans and Prof. Hartmut Spliethoff, TU Munich,
17:30 17:55 Automatic CFD optimisation of biomass combustion plants
Ali Shiehnejad, BE2020+, Austria
17:55 18:20 CFD modelling of fluidised bed combustion plants
Marko Huttunen, Perttu Jukola
18:20 18:30 Summary & closing
Ingwald Obernberger